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Boundary Realignment

The School Boards for Moorhead Area Public Schools 152 and Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton Public Schools 2164 approved the plan to adjust the school district boundaries at their meetings June 27, 2016. Opportunities were provided for public testimony on the plan at the June 13 and 27 board meetings.

The final plan includes a combination of immediate transfer of parcels and a phased-in transfer process. This combination is needed to minimize tax impact to taxpayers of each school district during a transfer year. Implementation of the realignment plan began July 1, 2016, with tax changes taking place in January 2017.

Two more parcels of land transferred from Moorhead Area Public Schools to Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton Public Schools in July 2017 as the two districts continue to implement the boundary realignment plan.

Initial Exchange

The initial exchange transferred Summerwood 1st and 2nd additions, Orchard Estates addition and several undeveloped parcels in the City of Dilworth from the Moorhead district to the DGF district. Moorhead Area Public Schools received a section and a half that includes the Moorhead airport and the Titan equipment dealership south of Interstate 94, a section north of I-94, and a quarter-section on the west side of Dilworth between Highway 10 and The Meadows golf course.

July 2017 Exchange

The net tax capacity of property transferred to Moorhead Area Public Schools in 2016 increased enough to equal the value of the next two parcels to exchange. These two parcels in the City of Dilworth transferred to DGF schools effective July 1, 2017:

  • Orchid-7th St. NE to 4th Ave. NE-Woodbridge Dr.
  • Orchid-Woodbridge Dr. to 4th Ave. NE-12th St. NE

Students in Realignment Areas

Students living in the affected areas who were open enrolled into the DGF School District will become residents of the district. Moorhead students living in the affected areas attending Moorhead Area Public Schools are able to open enroll and will be provided transportation based on Minnesota Statute 124D.02. Moorhead Area Public Schools will continue to provide transportation and allow the students in the affected areas to open enroll to Moorhead Schools through the time of this agreement.

Future Exchanges

After the initial exchange, six additional parcels were to be transferred to the DGF district over time, depending on how fast the land received by Moorhead Area Public Schools gains in net tax capacity. Two parcels transferred in July 2017. Four remaining parcels will be transferred in the following order once the net tax capacity of property transferred to Moorhead increases to match the value of land being transferred out of the district:

  1. Orchid-12th St. NE to 4th Ave. NE-14th St. NE
  2. 4th Ave. NE-7th St. NE to 3rd Ave. NE-12th St. NE
  3. 4th Ave. NE-12th St. NE to 14th St. NE
  4. 3rd Ave. NE-7th St. NE to Hwy 10-12th St. NE

History of Plan

A task force created in October 2015 with representatives from the two districts and boards met to develop a plan that would be favorable to both districts and district residents. After approval by both School Boards the plan required legislative action.

In the 2016 legislative session, the voluntary boundary realignment bill was proposed and adopted. On June 1, 2016, Governor Mark Dayton signed into law the 2016 Supplemental Budget Bill providing authority for ISD 152 and ISD 2164 to realign their shared district boundaries over a period of years.

Read the Boundary Realignment Plan. Review the map showing the transferred parcels.