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Instruction and Curriculum Advisory Committee
Type: School Board Policy
Section: 200 SCHOOL BOARD
Code: 231
Adopted Date: 9/11/1979
Revised Date(s): 12/08/2008, 02/25/2013, 02/08/2016, 10/13/2021
Reviewed Date(s): 02/13/1990, 03/23/1993, 12/16/1996, 06/11/2001, 07/05/2001, 12/13/2004, 12/08/2008, 02/25/2013, 02/08/2016, 12/10/2018, 10/13/2021
The purpose of this policy is to define the membership and duties of the Instruction and Curriculum Advisory Committee (ICAC). 

The Instruction and Curriculum Advisory Committee (ICAC) reviews the assessment of progress towards the district and school goals, the Minnesota Academic Standards as well as program evaluation data for use in the instructional and curriculum review process. Annually the committee reviews the district goals, outcomes and strategies that support and improve teaching and learning that is aligned with creating the world's best workforce in accordance with Minn. Stat. 120B.11.

A. Membership

The advisory committee shall, when possible, be comprised of two-thirds community representation and shall reflect the diversity of the community.  Included in its membership should be:

1. Assistant Superintendent of Learning and Accountability
2. Building administrator
3. School Board member, representative and alternate
4. Two student representatives
5. Elementary teacher, secondary teacher, special education teacher, and a teacher representing gifted and talented
6. Two parents/guardians from each school
7. Two representatives of senior citizens
8. Two representatives of higher education
9. Representatives reflecting the diversity of the community
10. One clergy representative

All terms are for two years and members can be re-appointed.

B. Meetings

Meetings will be held at the MAPS Operations Center during the school year at times and dates determined by the committee.
Legal Reference:
Minn. Stat. 120B.11 Subd. 3

Cross References:
Moorhead School Board Policy 230: Moorhead Area School District Committees
Moorhead School Board Policy 501: Equal Educational Opportunity
Moorhead School Board Policy 620: Selection of Textbooks and Instructional Materials
Moorhead School Board Policy 650: School District System Accountability