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Notification of Network Use
Type: Administrative Procedure
Code: 731.2
Adopted Date: 2/8/1999
Revised Date(s): 07/12/2006, 05/14/2012, 04/10/2017
Reviewed Date(s): 07/12/2006, 05/14/2012, 02/23/2015, 12/14/2015, 04/10/2017, 12/11/2017
The Moorhead Area Public Schools provides users access to our electronic information network. Students and employees will be given a unique login and password which will provide them with a variety of resources including access to the Internet and an online directory to store documents. In addition, software applications and online subscriptions are available to students and employees to support instructional activities.
The district's electronic resources network has a limited educational purpose, which includes use of the system for classroom activities and educational research. Uses which might be acceptable on a user's private account outside of the school district may not be acceptable on this limited purpose network. With this focus in mind, the district complies with all regulations in the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA).
Training and Responsible Use
Students and employees will receive ongoing, age-appropriate training on the appropriate use of electronic network resources. Training will include responsible use of resources including Internet protocol, printing supplies and online network storage.
User Account Information
Each student and employee will be assigned electronic storage of his/her electronic documents. Students and employees are responsible for the contents of their electronic directory. The school district retains the right at any time to review the contents of any student or employee directory. Parents also have the right to review the contents of their student's online network storage drive.
Internet Access
The Internet is a worldwide electronic network providing access to millions of resources.  Many reference materials are available online. The Moorhead Area Public Schools media center catalogs are accessible on the district's website (
Parent/Guardian Responsibilities
Outside of school, parents and guardians assume the obligation to monitor their student's use of the school district electronic resources and of the Internet.
As the world continues to demand immediate and accurate information, the school district curriculum continues to become more dependent on electronic resources. Parents/guardians may request alternative educational activities that do not require Internet access.
E-mail Access
Students will have access to a district assigned email account. 
Acceptable Use Policy
Moorhead Area Public Schools has adopted the Responsible Use of Moorhead Area Public Schools Electronic Resources Network, Administrative Procedure 731.1. This administrative procedure is available on the district's website ( or you may request copies from the school office.
Violation of Policies or Procedures
The use of this resource is a privilege and not a right.  The district may suspend or revoke a student's access to the electronic resources network if district policies or procedures have been violated. Consequences for violations will be determined by the building administrator in collaboration with teachers and administrators in accordance with building behavior policies. Administrative Procedure 731.3 will be completed and provided to the parent/guardian if the violation warrants.
Moorhead Area Public Schools provides students with access to electronic resources worldwide. Part of the district's responsibility in preparing students for the future is to provide them the tools they will be using as adults.  We believe the responsible use of these resources is important.