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Use of Moorhead Area Public Schools Electronic Network Violation Report
Type: Administrative Procedure
Code: 731.3
Adopted Date: 2/8/1999
Revised Date(s): 07/12/2006, 05/14/2012
Reviewed Date(s): 07/12/2006, 05/14/2012, 02/23/2015, 12/14/2015, 04/10/2017, 12/11/2017

Below is an example of a form that may be used for parent/guardian notification of a student violation of the network policy:

Student name: ________________________________________________________

Violation reported by: __________________________________________________

Violation date: ________________________________________________________

Circle the violation(s) of Moorhead Area Public Schools Electronic Network Policy and return to the building administrator:

1. Use of the district's system for commercial transactions. This is related to purchasing goods and services over the Internet. If violations occur, the user and/or the parent/guardian assumes full responsibility for any liabilities or costs generated by such activities.

2. The use of the system to submit, publish or display inaccurate information is inappropriate.
3. The use of the system to submit, publish, store or display objectionable materials is prohibited. Objectionable material includes:
a) Information that encourages the use of tobacco, alcohol or controlled substances or otherwise promotes associated activities.
b) Information or software which is in violation of the copyright or license agreements.
c) Information which encourages the toleration or promotion of discrimination against individuals or groups.
d) Information or software that is pornographic or sexually explicit in nature.
e) Information that is disruptive to appropriate classroom demeanor.
4. Use of another individual's account or folder.
5. Writing or saving files to an account other than their own.
6. Forgery or tampering with electronic mail.
7. Excessive electronic mail on server.
8. Exceeding space quotas.
9. System vandalism which includes uploading or creation of computer viruses is prohibited.
10. Copyrighted materials placed on the system without author's permission.
11. Any action of the user which results in a compromise of the system security.
12. Violation of classroom computer use policy rules:
* Use of computers without permission.

* Abuse or misuse of computer equipment.
* Use of chat lines, email systems or games during class time.
* Eating or drinking while using computers.

Consequence will be determined by the building administrator in collaboration with teachers and district administrators in accordance with district discipline policies.

Student Signature


Parent/Guardian Signature


Principal/Building Administrator Signature