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Lifelong Learning
School Board Member Development
Type: School Board Policy
Section: 200 SCHOOL BOARD
Code: 203
Adopted Date: 8/27/2001
Revised Date(s): 01/08/2007, 12/13/2010, 02/25/2013, 11/09/2015
Reviewed Date(s): 02/24/2003, 01/08/2007, 12/13/2010, 02/25/2013, 11/09/2015


The purpose of this policy is to outline professional development activities designed for Moorhead School Board members so they can perform their responsibilities.


All Moorhead School Board members are encouraged to participate in School Board and related workshops and activities sponsored by the local, state and National School Board Association (NSBA), as well as in activities of other educational groups. Funds for participation at such meetings will be allocated in the Annual Operating Plan as approved by the School Board.

A. School Board members are expected to report back to the School Board and share materials of interest gathered at various meetings and workshops.
B. New School Board members will be provided the opportunity and encouraged, as required by Minn. Stat. 123B.09 Subd. 2, to attend the orientation and training sessions sponsored by the Minnesota School Boards Association (MSBA). School Board members shall receive training in school finance and management developed in consultation with MSBA. Board clerks, as required by Minn. Stat. 204B.25, will attend state/county auditor training meetings related to municipal/county/school board elections every two years.

C. Attendance and selection of School Board members to attend the annual NSBA meeting will be at the discretion of the School Board.
A. Funds for participation at meetings will be allocated in the Annual Operating Plan as approved by the School Board. 
B. Moorhead School Board members will be reimbursed for necessary expenses to attend meetings and conventions pertaining to school activities and objectives of the School Board within approved policy and budget allocations of the school district relating to reimbursement of expenses involving attendance at workshops and conventions. (See Moorhead School Board Policy 824: Reimbursement for Travel, Professional Meetings and Conferences.)
C. If the School Board determines it is in the interest of the school district to have School Board members attend other non-association state or additional national conferences as a School Board representative, reimbursement of expenses by the school district must be approved by the School Board.
Legal References:
Minn. Stat. 123B.09 Subd. 2 (School Board Member Training)
Minn. Stat. 204B.25 Subd. 4 (Training for Local Election Officials)

Moorhead School Board Policy 216: Out-of-State Travel by School Board Members
Moorhead School Board Policy 722: School District Owned Vehicle Reservations
Moorhead School Board Policy 824: Reimbursement for Travel, Professional Meetings and Conferences
MSBA/MASA Model Policy 212 (School Board Member Development)