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Safe and Healthy Learners Committee
Type: School Board Policy
Section: 200 SCHOOL BOARD
Code: 234
Adopted Date: 1/27/2003
Revised Date(s): 06/11/2007, 05/09/2011, 06/08/2015
Reviewed Date(s): 06/11/2007, 05/09/2011, 06/08/2015, 02/12/2018


The purpose of this policy is to set forth the responsibilities of the Safe and Healthy Learners Committee.


A. This committee will review, discuss and mobilize prevention, intervention and postvention efforts designed to support at-risk students.  The committee will integrate recommendations and strategies from the Minnesota Department of Education Safe and Healthy Learners Division.

B. Responsibilities of the Safe and Healthy Learners Committee include, but are not limited to:

1. disseminating and communicating information on building level activities;
2. exploring opportunities for funding the development of programs for prevention, intervention, postvention, and staff development;
3. coordinating training for building level crisis intervention/student assistance teams;
4. promoting and networking with community agencies and area school districts regarding crises and policy;
5. helping to manage communication with staff, parents and community agencies regarding safe and healthy learning practices;
6. recommending to administration policies and procedures related to crises and mental health issues; and
7. reviewing and updating the mental health portions of the School District Crisis Management Manual on an annual basis.

C. The Safe and Healthy Learners Committee will be made up of representatives of each building crisis intervention/student assistance teams, the school district nurse, school counselors, school social workers, district communications coordinator or designee, designee of non-public schools in the district, the executive director of learner support services, and a Moorhead School Board representative. The chair of the Safe and Healthy Learners Committee will serve on the district crisis team.

D. Quarterly meetings and any other meetings needed will be held during the school year at times and dates determined by the committee.

E. Each building administrator is responsible for designating a crisis intervention/student assistance team.

F. Building level Safe and Healthy Learner Committee membership is comprised of:
1.  administrator;
2.  counselor or social worker/psychologist/nurse (as available) who is a crisis response team member; and
3.  two staff members, one male and one female.

G. Qualifications for building crisis intervention/student assistance team members include: knowledgeable about confidentiality; motivated and concerned about a school crisis; demonstrated interest and skills in working with persons having problems or crisis events; and demonstrated a special interest in further development of prevention, intervention and postvention programming.

Legal Reference:
Minn. Stat. 124D.68 (Graduation Incentives Program)

Cross References:
Moorhead School Board Policy 553: Crisis Intervention and Student Support
Moorhead School Board Policy 710: School District Crisis Management