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School Board Officers
Type: School Board Policy
Section: 200 SCHOOL BOARD
Code: 202
Adopted Date: 8/27/2001
Revised Date(s): 11/26/2007, 01/23/2012, 10/08/2018
Reviewed Date(s): 10/10/2005, 11/26/2007, 01/23/2012, 11/09/2015, 10/08/2018


The purpose of this policy is to delineate the responsibilities of Moorhead Area Public Schools School Board officer positions which are charged with the duty of carrying out the responsibilities entrusted to them by the School Board and school district for the care, management, control and communication to the public about the public schools in the school district.


A. The School Board shall conduct the election of officers annually at the first regular meeting in January, or as soon thereafter as practicable, to select a chair, vice-chair, clerk and treasurer. These officers shall hold office for one year and/or until their successors are elected. The duties of the clerk shall be assisted by the School Board's secretary and the duties of the treasurer shall be assisted by the executive director of human resources and operations.

B. The School Board shall appoint a Superintendent who will be an ex officio, nonvoting member of the School Board.


A. Chair
1. The chair, when present shall preside and conduct all meetings of the School Board; countersign all orders upon the treasurer for claims allowed by the School Board; represent the school district in all actions; serve as spokesperson for the School Board unless designated otherwise; and perform all duties a chair usually performs including signing School Board approved contracts, agreements, resolutions, communications, forms of recognition, and reports as required.
2. In case of absence or inability of the clerk to draw orders for the payment of money authorized by a vote of the majority of the School Board to be paid, the chair may draw the orders, or the office of the clerk may be declared vacant by the chair and treasurer and filled by appointment.
B. Vice-Chair
The vice-chair shall perform the duties of the chair in the event of the chair's temporary absence.

C. Clerk
1. The clerk will work with the School Board's secretary to keep records of all meetings and fulfill duties as required by Minnesota Election Law or other applicable laws relating to the conduction of elections. The clerk will countersign claims as required by the treasurer and chair for payment of salaries and wages; and sign as needed School Board approved contracts, agreements, resolutions, communications and reports.
2. The clerk shall perform the duties of the chair in the event of the chair's and the vice-chair's temporary absences.
D. Treasurer
The treasurer shall work with the Superintendent and school district's business services department as needed on the fiscal management of the school district and sign claims allowed by the School Board and reports as needed to conduct the financial business of the school district. The treasurer will review the school district's annual audit with the auditors.
E. Superintendent
1. The Superintendent shall be an ex officio, nonvoting member of the School Board.
2. The Superintendent shall perform the following:
a. visit and supervise the schools in the school district, report and make recommendations about their condition when advisable or on request by the School Board;
b. recommend to the School Board employment and dismissal of teachers;
c. monitor academic achievement and graduation requirements for all students;
d. make reports required by the commissioner; and
e. perform other duties prescribed by the School Board.
Legal References:
Minn. Stat. 123B.12 (Finance)
Minn. Stat. 123B.14 (Officers)
Minn. Stat. 123B.143 (Superintendent)
Minn. Stat. 126C.17 (Referendum Revenue)
Minn. Stat. 205A (School District Elections)

Cross References:
Moorhead School Board Policy 101: Name and Legal Status of Moorhead Area Public Schools
Moorhead School Board Policy 201: School Board Legal Status
Moorhead School Board Policy 214: School Board Meeting Minutes
Moorhead School Board Policy 801: District Fiscal Management
MSBA/MASA Model Policy 202 (School Board Officers)