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  • Each day more than 5,500 students learn and thrive in Moorhead Area Public Schools. We are proud of your successes both inside and outside the classroom.
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  • From seeing how the district spends tax dollars to providing opportunities for lifelong learning, Moorhead Area Public Schools and the community are partners in education. We welcome your interest.
Lifelong Learning


Funds for scholarships are awarded to students based on criteria established by the Board of Trustees. The criteria includes academic performance, school and community activities, work experience, career goals, references and the student's personal situation.

Moorhead High School graduating seniors should complete the MAEF Moorhead High Graduating Senior Scholarship Form in SPUDS Landing. Graduates of Moorhead High School who are enrolled in post-secondary schools should complete the MAEF Post-secondary Scholarship Form. The applications include the financial form necessary for scholarships based on need.

Students can apply for all scholarships through a single online application. Applications are scored anonymously by the Distribution Awards Committee using a point merit system.

Current seniors can find the link to the online and paper applications in SPUDS Landing. For post-secondary students, please use the Post-secondary Scholarship Application.

Since 1991, MAEF has awarded $1,529,885 to 1,685 Moorhead High graduates.

1991 -- $1,100 to 5 students
1992 -- $10,000 to 26 students
1999 -- $48,000 to 77 students
2006 -- $75,100 to 87 students
2010 -- $92,750 to 67 students
2011 -- $83,850 to 57 students
2012 -- $92,200 to 65 students

The Moorhead Area Education Foundation sponsors an annual Spud Scholars Phonathon to raise money for scholarships. Moorhead High School students secure pledges and MAEF Board members and supporters assist with mailing and record-keeping. Community support ensures the success of the annual phonathon.

Phonathon Results

1992 -- $8,685
1996 -- $16,725
1999 -- $20,946
2003 -- $22,052
2006 -- $24,036
2010 -- $22,960
2011 -- $24,068
2012 -- $20,270

Many scholarships are given directly by the Foundation. Others are sponsored by individuals, families, businesses and organizations in the community. Sponsors include:

Jack and Sue Arneson -- Barbara Arneson Bielfeld/Robert Bielfeld Memorial
Nicole Anne Blilie Family
Coborn's Inc. Cashwise
Marlene Deist Family -- Marlene Deist Memorial
Esther Garrity and Family -- Judge James E. Garrity Memorial
Kurt Gigstad Family
Stuart Heald Memorial -- Moorhead High School Key Club
Kathleen Heitkamp Family -- Dennis Heitkamp Memorial
Kay Hoberg Family -- Donald Hoberg Memorial and Kay Hoberg Memorial
Paul and Connie Horn -- Margaret McLarnen Horn Memorial
Roberta and Donald Lontz
Moorhead Kiwanis
Moorhead Midday - Central Lions Club -- Lyle and Grace Clark Honorary
Moorhead Rotary
Moorhead VFW
Northwestern Bank
Roger Olson Family -- Marlene T. Olson Memorial
Lloyd and Beverly Paulson
Eunice Pitmon -- Loren Buslee Memorial
Elsie Pitsenbarger and Family -- Roger Pitsenbarger Memorial and Pitsenbarger Family Scholarships
Scheels All-Sports
Scheels Foundation
Steve Slabik Family -- Shirley Lontz Memorial
Spud Boosters
State Bank and Trust
Vikingland Kiwanis -- Ruth Utke Memorial
Vogel Law Firm

Moorhead Area Education Foundation has formed an alumni group for past scholarship winners. Members pay an annual $15 and receive the newsletter and other membership mailings.