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  • From seeing how the district spends tax dollars to providing opportunities for lifelong learning, Moorhead Area Public Schools and the community are partners in education. We welcome your interest.
Lifelong Learning

Moorhead Schools Legacy Foundation

Who We Are

The Moorhead Schools Legacy Foundation’s mission is to enhance the educational experience of all students in Moorhead Area Public Schools. While it works closely with the district, the Legacy Foundation is being established as a separate tax-exempt community foundation incorporated in Minnesota.

What We Do

The Legacy Foundation will address the needs of students currently in the school district and create an endowment to support the schools in the future. The foundation plans to secure and share funds needed to make an impact on lifelong learning through services, programs and facilities.

Why Your Support Makes a Difference

Your support will provide more opportunities for growth and learning for students in Moorhead Area Public Schools. As our community grows, so does this need — and by supporting the need, you support continuous improvement to help students thrive and reach their maximum potential. From new programs to updated services to improved facilities, you can help shape and enrich education for students of today and tomorrow.

What Will Your Legacy Be?

Everyone has the chance to leave a lasting legacy. Have you made your mark? You can empower students in Moorhead Area Public Schools to shine.

Visit to help the Moorhead Schools Legacy Foundation support students and staff in Moorhead Area Public Schools.

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Our Stories

This is why we support the Moorhead Schools Legacy Foundation.

Want to share your story with us? Email us at

Rob Bye


All in the family

My mom graduated from Moorhead High School in 1951, I graduated in 1981, and my three sons have all graduated from Moorhead High.

Spud sports and more

My mom was on the first girls basketball team in Moorhead. I was in football, wrestling, track and baseball during my time in the Moorhead Schools. My sons played football, basketball, and track & field. They also took advantage of other opportunities like Key Club, SADD, Math Masters and Advanced Placement curriculum.

A balanced approach

My children and I benefited from growing up in the community of Moorhead that supports education and students. The atmosphere in the schools in Moorhead was great for learning, making friends and participating in various activities. The dedicated teachers have expectations that the kids will learn, and they provide the tools needed to succeed in the classroom. The administration provides the framework and support to accomplish ambitious goals for our kids’ education. The community has embraced education and our kids by supporting recent referendums for the advancement of education in Moorhead.

Why do you support the Legacy Foundation?

The Legacy Foundation is important because it will enhance opportunities for students in our schools and give alumni and members of the community an opportunity to partner with Moorhead Schools.

Chuck Gulsvig


Years of service

I was a 1975 graduate of Moorhead High School. I came back and taught physical education and coached basketball and football for 27 years.

Family involvement

My three children also graduated from Moorhead High. They played basketball like I did. They also played softball and volleyball.

A passion

Moorhead High School was my life — education, profession and my passion — along with my family. It gave me a great place to be educated, a great place for my children to be educated, and a great place to work.

Why do you support the Legacy Foundation?

I wanted to give back to a place that had a huge impact on me as a student, a coach, an educator and a parent.

Jean Sando


Teaching and learning

Both my children are students at the high school having attended Moorhead Area Public Schools since preschool. I am a teacher at Moorhead High School.

A variety of experiences

I have a child who was in Spanish Immersion and one who is served by Learner Support Services. They were both in theater in elementary and middle school, one is a cross country and track runner, and both skied on the new Nordic ski team this year. I also started an Anime Club for kids who were looking for a place to belong but didn’t fit with other activities.

‘‘A place of ‘yes’’’

The most critical thing a family with a child with a disability needs is the support of an excellent school. For some families, school can be a place of conflict. For our family, school has been a place of essential support. School is a place of “yes.” My son has learned to share the message Moorhead Schools has taught him: people with disabilities are not helpless. They can do many, many things with the right help. Our daughter has had a very good experience in Moorhead Schools. But she would have been able to get that almost anywhere. Our son had an experience I believe he could only have had at Moorhead Area Public Schools. The teachers, paras, staff and administrators have helped us raise an incredible young man. Next year will be his senior year and the whole school should be proud of the young man we’ve raised together.

Why do you support the Legacy Foundation?

As often as Moorhead Schools wants to be a place of “yes,” too often our “no” is driven by funding. We have a supportive community that loves our schools. We needed a vehicle to channel the overwhelming support of our community into areas students need it most. I know our community. If we had a fund to ensure all kids got milk everyday, it would be full to the brim. If we had a way for people to leave a lasting impact on the school they love through financial gifts, we could do amazing things and fill our community members’ hearts too. The Legacy Foundation is the vehicle Moorhead has been waiting for. I support the foundation because of the potential to accomplish amazing things for our students.

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