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  • From seeing how the district spends tax dollars to providing opportunities for lifelong learning, Moorhead Area Public Schools and the community are partners in education. We welcome your interest.
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Student Handbook

Moorhead High School

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Graduation Requirements

Moorhead High School students must successfully complete 26 credits. This includes 16.5 credits in required subjects and 9.5 in electives. The required credits are:
 4 credits in English
● 3.5 credits in Social Studies (World History 1, Geography .5, U.S. History 1, Economics .5, American Government .5)
● 3 credits in Math (Intermediate Algebra, Geometry and Advanced Algebra at a minimum)
 3 credits in Science (Physical Science 1, Biology 1 and 1 credit in either Chemistry, Physics or ChemCom)
 1.5 credits in Health/PE (PE 9, Health and PE elective)
 1 credit in Fine Arts (Visual Arts, Acting, Music, Digitools or Web Design)
 .5 credit in Explore

All students participating in the graduation exercises must have completed the required minimum number of credits and met all graduation requirements as well as completed the Senior Checkout Process with his/her counselor. Students who fail to complete the Senior Checkout process will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony. Those students not participating in graduation will be able to pick up their diplomas beginning on the Monday following the ceremony.

Students will be required to return or pay for all library books, textbooks or other school-issued materials they failed to return during their years at MHS before they can begin the Senior Checkout process. The Senior Checkout process is required to participate in the graduation ceremony.

It is an expectation that all library books, textbooks, and other school-issued materials be returned every year. Students will be notified annually of missing materials.

If a senior has not served all of his or her assigned hours of detention by the second to the last Friday before graduation ceremonies, that senior will not be allowed to participate in the ceremonies.

What Grade Is My Child In?
In considering the grade level assigned to each student, it is important to distinguish between a student’s grade placement and a student’s credit status. While both terms refer to important information about a student’s history in school, a student’s grade placement and a student’s credit status may not be the same. If students and/or adult(s) do not understand the difference, there may be misunderstandings and disappointments concerning a student’s progress toward graduation and ultimately, his or her projected date of graduation.

Grade placement refers to the number of years that a student has been in school. The student’s grade placement increases each year that a student is in school. For example, if a student began high school –
grade 9 – in 2018, she/he will automatically be moved to grade 10 in 2019. Grade placement is used to determine eligibility for state testing and other requirements. It is used to calculate district and school graduation rates. It is important to note, however, that grade placement does not reflect a student’s progress toward graduation. Having a grade placement of grade 12, for instance, does not assure that the student has met the state and local requirements to earn a high school diploma.

Credit Status: Credit status refers to the credits and standards the student has earned toward the goal of grade-level progression and earning a high school diploma. In Moorhead Area Public Schools, students must meet all state and local requirements for a high school diploma to graduate. Refer to Graduation Requirements above for more information. In general, the number of credits students earn in high school is a strong predictor of their progress toward graduation. In this scenario, the guidelines related to a student’s credit status are helpful in conceptualizing the time and effort remaining for a student to meet diploma requirements:
0 - 6 credits Grade 9
6.5 - 12 credits Grade 10
12.5 - 18 credits Grade 11
18.5 - 26 credits Grade 12

For additional information refer to School Board Policy 640 on the school district website or in the school office.

Student Handbook (PDF)

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