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  • Each day more than 5,500 students learn and thrive in Moorhead Area Public Schools. We are proud of your successes both inside and outside the classroom.
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  • From seeing how the district spends tax dollars to providing opportunities for lifelong learning, Moorhead Area Public Schools and the community are partners in education. We welcome your interest.
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Student Handbook

Moorhead High School

Phone: 218-284-2300
Fax: 218-284-2333

Attendance Office: 218-284-2301
Counseling Office: 218-284-2312
Health Office: 218-284-2310
Activities Office: 218-284-2345
Registrar: 218-284-2400
Special Services Office: 218-284-2440
Media Center: 218-284-2334

School Hours: 8:25 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Dave Lawrence, Principal
Dave Lawrence,
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Angela Doll, Assistant Principal
Angela Doll,
Assistant Principal
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Emily Smith, Assistant Principal
Emily Smith,
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All students are eligible to participate if they meet activity guidelines, but not all students will earn the privilege to participate in activities. Skill, tenacity, hard work and attitude are the primary factors in determining who will participate and represent our school. Moorhead High shall be represented by students who are good citizens, scholars and athletes willing to abide by prescribed rules and high standards. This privilege and honor carries with it responsibilities to the community, school faculty and student body they represent. To ensure that the standards and ideals of Moorhead High are upheld and requirements enforced uniformly, standards of conduct have been established. Advisors or coaches may enforce rules that are more strict than those established, but these are minimum rules that must be enforced:

1. Any student failing one or more classes, or having two or more incompletes, will be ineligible for a minimum of one week. Student eligibility will be monitored at mid-quarter (October 4, December 6, February 21, April 24) and the end of each quarter (November 1, January 17, March 27, June 2) through the year. Students will be notified of their ineligibility by the Activities Office and their ineligibility will run from Wednesday-Wednesday.
2. Students will be ineligible to participate in competition in any extracurricular activity until all detentions are served.
3. There shall be no conduct by students participating in activities, whether or not that activity is currently in season, that will bring discredit to the student, parents, activity, school or community. Penalties for rule violations will be administered at the discretion of school officials.
4. Moorhead School Board Policy and the Minnesota State High School League rules shall be enforced as the minimum standard of conduct for all participants in activities.
5. Students are expected to be in school on the day of a contest, play, concert or event as well as the following day. Violations may result in a forfeiture of practice on the succeeding day, loss of the right to appear in a public performance or meet and/or an unexcused absence.
6. Students must dress appropriately when representing the school. Neat, casual dress clothes are appropriate.
7. Awards and honors are presented in trust. Should the student violate that trust, the honor or award may be revoked.
8. Fees are charged to participate in certain school activities and all athletic programs. Those fees are available in the activities office. The total fee for any student shall not exceed $350 per year.

EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES/ATHLETIC PROGRAMS: For information on how to participate in these or other MHS activities check with your counselor, the advisor, or the activities office. Groups include:
Business Professionals of America
Cho Kio (Yearbook)
Destination Imagination
Apollo Strings
Key Club
Knowledge Bowl
Student Council
Math Competition
Science Olympiad
Pep Band
Industrial Arts Competition - Skills USA
Student Newspaper
Marching Band
Jazz Band

Athletic Programs: The following sports are available to students at Moorhead High School:

Cross Country - girls and boys
Football - boys
Soccer - girls and boys
Tennis - girls
Swimming - girls
Volleyball - girls

Basketball - boys and girls
Swimming - boys
Gymnastics - girls
Wrestling - boys
Hockey - boys and girls
Nordic Ski - boys and girls
Dance line - girls
Weight Lifting - boys and girls

Track - boys and girls
Golf - boys and girls
Tennis - boys
Baseball - boys
Softball - girls
Adapted Bowling - boys and girls
Clay Target - boys and girls
Lacrosse - boys and girls

For additional information refer to School Board Policies 541, 542.1, 543, and 545 on the school district website or in the school office.

Student Handbook (PDF)

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