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Student Use and Parking of Motor Vehicles; Patrols, Inspections and Searches

It is the policy of the Moorhead Area Public School District to allow the limited use and parking of motor vehicles by students in school district locations. It is the position of the school district that a fair and equitable districtwide student motor vehicle policy will contribute to the quality of the student's educational experience, will maintain order and discipline in the schools, and will protect the health, safety and welfare of students and school personnel. This policy applies to all students in the school district.

Student Parking of Motor Vehicles in School District Locations

Students are permitted to park in a school district location as a matter of privilege, not of right. Students driving motor vehicles to Moorhead High School may park the motor vehicle in the parking lot designated for student parking only. Students will not park vehicles in driveways or in other designated areas (e.g., staff, visitors or busing lanes). When there are unauthorized vehicles parked on school district property, school officials may move the vehicle or require the driver or other person in charge of the vehicle to move it off school district property; or if unattended, provide for the removal of the vehicle, at the expense of the owner or operator, to the nearest convenient garage or other place of safety off of school district property. Vehicles in violation of parking regulations will receive a warning for the 1st offense and towed at owners expense for subsequent violations.

Patrols, Inspections and Searches

School officials may conduct routine patrols of student parking lots and other school district locations and routine inspections of the exteriors of the motor vehicles of students. In addition, the interiors of motor vehicles of students in school district locations may be searched when school officials have a reasonable suspicion that the search will uncover a violation of law and/or school policy or rule. Such
patrols, inspections and searches may be conducted without notice, without
student consent, and without a search warrant.
Student Use of Motor Vehicles

Students are permitted to use their vehicles during their assigned lunch period for off-campus purposes, or for off-campus school programs during assigned times. Operating a motor vehicle on school property is a privilege not a right and necessitates safe driving in accordance with the law and conditions.


A student found to have violated this policy and/or the directives and guidelines implementing it shall be subject to withdrawal of parking privileges and/or to discipline in accordance with the school district's Student Discipline Policy, which may include towing of the vehicle, suspension, exclusion, or expulsion. In addition, the student may be referred to legal officials when appropriate.

Students park at Moorhead High School at their own risk. Moorhead Area Public Schools is not responsible for any damage or theft that occurs to vehicles parked on school property.

Bus service is provided to all eligible students.

For additional information refer to School Board Policies 551, and 575 on the school district website or in the school office.

Student Handbook (PDF)

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