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Student Handbook

Horizon Middle School East Campus

Phone: 218-284-7300
Fax: 218-284-7333

Attendance Office: 218-284-7301
Counseling Office: 218-284-7312
Health Office: 218-284-7310
Activities Office: 218-284-7300
Media Center: 218-284-7334

School Hours: 9:05 a.m. to 3:50 p.m.

Jeremy Larson, Middle School Principal
Jeremy Larson,
Middle School Principal
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Jason Buckley, Assistant Principal
Jason Buckley,
Assistant Principal
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Health Services

Horizon Middle School health offices are staffed during school hours by a health assistant trained in first aid and CPR. A licensed school nurse oversees the health assistant, helps families to plan for health needs at school, trains staff to support those needs and is on call at all times in cases of serious injury or illness at school. Students’ health significantly affects school attendance and performance. Communication and cooperation between school personnel and parents/guardians is essential in understanding and meeting our children’s health needs. The health office assists in the management with the following items as well:

Immunizations: Minnesota State Law, M.S. 123.70 mandates that every student must show proof of full immunization, or supply the school with a notarized exemption form to attend school in Minnesota. The current immunization requirements for your child’s age can be found at Transferring students have 30 days to provide the school with immunization and health records. Clay County Public Health Clinic, located at 715 11th St. N., offers immunizations throughout the week. Please call 299-7777 for an appointment.

Illness and injury at school: If your child becomes ill while in school, school personnel need to be able to contact you. Please complete emergency information in PowerSchool Registration, including doctor, hospital preference and alternate persons to call in case of an emergency. We will not release ill students to go home without contacting a parent or guardian. All school-related accidents (including extracurricular and out-of-town activities) should be reported to the health office. Accident reports are kept on file for significant injuries.

Illness at home: Students should stay home from school when they have a fever of 100.0 degrees or higher, if they are vomiting or they have diarrhea. Students should stay home for 24 hours after symptoms resolve. If your student is diagnosed with a condition and you are wondering if he or she can attend school, please contact the health office directly for guidance.

Medication: No prescription medication will be administered by school personnel without written authorization from the parents/guardians and signed doctor’s orders. All over-the-counter medication (including Tylenol, Ibuprofen, nasal spray, eye drops, etc.) requires parental signatures on the medication request form. Medication request forms are available in the health office or with the medication policy on the district website. All medicine must be in the original bottle with appropriate label, and the student's name should be on it. If at all possible, medication should be given at home. Please let the health office know if your student begins taking a new prescription medication at home that was not previously entered in InfoSnap through PowerSchool.

Screening: Hearing and vision screening is completed annually in grades K, 1, 3, 5 and 7. Scoliosis screening is completed for girls in grades 5 and 6. If you would like your child screened for hearing, vision or scoliosis at a grade other than those listed contact the licensed school nurse to make arrangements. If your child requires further evaluation you will receive a letter notifying you.

Health Concerns: If your student has health concerns that will require support in school, please notify the licensed school nurse. Health plans are created specifically for your child’s needs during the school day to assist in ensuring the most time possible in the classroom. Staff will be notified of special health conditions concerning their students.
For additional information refer to School Board Policies 530, and 532 on the school district website or in the school office.

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