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Student Handbook

Horizon Middle School East Campus

Phone: 218-284-7300
Fax: 218-284-7333

Attendance Office: 218-284-7301
Counseling Office: 218-284-7312
Health Office: 218-284-7310
Activities Office: 218-284-7300
Media Center: 218-284-7334

School Hours: 9:05 a.m. to 3:50 p.m.

Jeremy Larson, Middle School Principal
Jeremy Larson,
Middle School Principal
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Jason Buckley, Assistant Principal
Jason Buckley,
Assistant Principal
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Lunch, Breakfast and Snack

Horizon Middle School offers breakfast and lunch meals that meet the state and federal guidelines. Horizon East offers hot lunch and an a la carte line, and Horizon West offers hot lunch and snack. The hot lunch line has a different menu option each day as posted in the meal menus in PowerSchool. The a la carte line provides supplemental offerings. This line is not intended to be a replacement for a lunch line, simply an addition.

Fifth- and sixth-grade students are expected to eat breakfast on the West campus, and seventh- and eighth-grade students are expected to eat breakfast on the East campus.

Snack will be available for purchase at Horizon West during breakfast service from 8:35-8:55 a.m. A small selection of non-perishable snacks will be for sale. Students are responsible for purchasing snacks during this time and for storing them. Students may also bring their own snack to be eaten in the classroom during a short snack break. The time of the snack break is determined by the teacher. Students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves if they are eating in the classroom areas.

To encourage good nutrition, a well-balanced lunch is offered for $2.40. All lunches include milk. In addition, milk is sold for $.40, snack is sold for $.60, and the a la carte line has items ranging from $.25 to $1.50. Breakfast is available from 8:35-8:55 a.m. and is $1.

Students must prepay for meals and milk. Students may deposit money into their meal accounts in the drop box outside the school office, or parents may make payments online through PayForIt, an online payment processing system. To access their lunch accounts, students type in their student number. A student who does not have sufficient funds will not be allowed to charge a la carte or snack items until additional money is deposited in the student’s account. Parents/guardians may check their student's' meal account balance and transactions through PowerSchool.

If a parent/guardian chooses to submit one payment that is to be divided between sibling accounts, the parent/guardian must specify how the funds are to be distributed to the students’ accounts. Funds may not be transferred between sibling accounts unless written permission is received from the parent/guardian.

Families may apply for free/reduced-price meal benefits anytime during the school year. Meal applications are distributed to all families in the district prior to the first day of classes. In addition, applications are available on the district website and school buildings during office hours. The form should be completed electronically to ensure faster processing. If the household income or size change, families can apply for meal benefits anytime during the school year.

If you have questions about the lunch program, please call the food and nutrition service director at 284-3324 or the food and nutrition service secretary at 284-3325.

Parents/guardians may take their own children out to lunch if they call for the students in the office at the beginning of the lunch period. Under no circumstances will anyone other than the student’s own parent(s)/guardian(s) (or teacher, in the case of a field trip) be allowed to take any student from the building during the lunch hour.

Students may not receive pizza deliveries, birthday cakes, etc., during the school day, including the lunch period. Fast food is not allowed to be brought in or supplied by a parent/guardian.

While in the lunchroom, students are expected to cooperate by:
1. Knowing their student number.
2. Being orderly in the serving line.
3. Being courteous, cooperative, and respectful to food servers and lunchroom supervisors.
4. Remaining seated except to dump their trays.
5. Not removing food from the cafeteria.
6. Leaving the table and floor clean.
7. Depositing all lunch refuse in wastebaskets.

Failure to follow these rules will result in consequences ranging from eating in an assigned seat to receiving out-of-school suspension.

UNPAID MEAL CHARGES: Families will be notified by email, automated call/text, and/or letter mailed or sent home once a meal account balance reaches $5. The school district will make reasonable efforts to communicate with families to resolve the matter of unpaid charges. Where appropriate, families may be encouraged to apply for free and reduced-price meals for their students.

The school district will provide a meal that meets federal and state requirements to a student who does not have sufficient funds in the student’s account or cannot pay cash for a meal. The cost of the meal will be charged to the student’s account or otherwise charged to the student.

The school district will make reasonable efforts to collect unpaid meal charges. Unpaid meal charges are designated as delinquent debt when payment is overdue, the debt is considered collectible, and efforts are being made to collect it. Unpaid balances of more than $5, not paid prior to end of the month, will be turned over to the superintendent or designee for collection.

Student Handbook (PDF)

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