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Horizon Middle School East Campus

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School Hours: 9:05 a.m. to 3:50 p.m.

Jeremy Larson, Middle School Principal
Jeremy Larson,
Middle School Principal
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Jason Buckley, Assistant Principal
Jason Buckley,
Assistant Principal
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Horizon East School Activities and Athletic Activities

The goals of Horizon East’s activities program are to allow students to explore their interests and abilities, to improve their skills, and to learn the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. In order to achieve these goals for students, the staff is committed to providing a well-balanced activities program that is available to all students. It is our hope that students participate in as many activities as they have the interest, time, and energy to pursue. All students who participate in activities are reminded that to participate, they must be making progress in their academic coursework. Another expectation for student participants is that their conduct be becoming to them and to Horizon Middle School. If a student’s behavior is inappropriate, the student will be notified by a coach, by an advisor, or by the activities director that he/she is excluded from practice or competition for a specified period of time, for the season, or for the year.

Particular behaviors that could result in exclusion from activities include but are not limited to: theft, inappropriate language, unsportsmanlike conduct, insubordination (which means not accepting direction from school personnel such as coaches, hall supervisors, bus drivers, practicum students, etc.), misuse of equipment, reckless behavior, and/or not adhering to rules as presented by school personnel or in written communication. Students who are academically ineligible will NOT be allowed out of school for an early dismissal to attend activities, or be allowed to travel with a team or group. Students will be allowed, and are encouraged, to attend all practices during the time of ineligibility. Once eligible, the students can resume traveling with the team.

Students are expected to be in school on the day of a contest, play, concert or event as well as the following day. Violations may result in a forfeiture of practice on the succeeding day, loss of the right to appear in a public performance or meet and/or an unexcused absence.

It is the philosophy at Horizon Middle School that academics must come before extracurricular activities. In order for a student to participate in an activity, that student must be making academic progress and consistently showing up to class on time (homework completed and turned in, consistent attendance, etc). If the student is failing two or more classes, that student will not be allowed to participate until his or her grades have increased. The ineligibility period will run for one week from Wednesday to Wednesday. Student eligibility will be reviewed once during each block activity. If a student is ineligible for multiple weeks, removal from the activity may be a consequence. Students who are ineligible must attend the homework club or meet with their teacher after school Mondays and Wednesdays. The student may participate in practice but may not participate in any competitions.

A $65 activity fee is charged for each middle school activity listed as a Tier 1 activity, and a $25 fee for Tier 2 activities. There is a $150 maximum total student activity fee for each participant during a school year. Activity fees for families will be capped at $750. Activity fees for families that qualify for free or reduced-price lunches will be capped at $375. In case of financial difficulty, the parent(s)/guardian(s) should contact the activity director at 218-284-7331 to determine that the fee can be waived. Fees are not refunded after the third week. For some activities, students are asked to purchase their own uniforms. For more information regarding activity fees, please refer to School Board Policy 542.

Students must report all injuries immediately to their coach/adviser. If the student receives medical attention, the student must provide the trainer with a physician’s signed verification that the student is able to participate in athletics. The verification forms are available from the trainer or your physician. Students who do not provide such verification are not allowed to participate until the form is received.

The school does not assume liability for any injuries that occur while students are participating in activities. It is recommended that parent(s)/guardian(s) secure adequate coverage for their children. Each fall, the school distributes information about a private carrier that insures school children; participation is optional.

The school does not assume liability for any injuries that occur while students are participating in activities. In order to take part in any school activity, students and parent(s)/guardian(s) are required to sign acknowledgment of risk and/or eligibility statements. By signing these documents, parent(s)/guardian(s) and students assume liability for any injury, or even death, that may occur as a result of student participation in activities.

Athletic activities at HMS Horizon East are scheduled into four blocks. First block activities are football, girls volleyball, cross country running, girls tennis, and girls swimming and diving. Second block activities are girls basketball, boys wrestling, and boys swimming and diving. Boys basketball and gymnastics occupy the third block. In the fourth block, golf, boys tennis, and track are offered.

All students participating in extracurricular athletics must have a physical examination performed by a licensed medical professional on record before beginning practice. Physical examinations need to be done every three years.

All students are required to complete the registration in PowerSchool Registration to register for a sport. All information must be submitted before a student is issued equipment and may participate.

Horizon Middle School East Campus belongs to the FM Middle School League. Member schools are Cheney Middle School, Liberty Middle School, Carl Ben Eielson Middle School, Ben Franklin Middle School, Discovery Middle School, Sullivan Middle School, and Dilworth/Glyndon/Felton. Although most contests are held in the metro area, occasionally teams may be required to travel a greater distance. Most transportation to other schools or sites for practices is provided by the school.

Transportation to and from games is provided by our school district. Students are expected to ride player buses to and from contests. If a student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) attend a contest and wish to take their child home, they must personally inform their child’s coach. No notes are accepted. Players are allowed to ride home with their own parent(s)/guardian(s) only; coaches will not authorize students to ride home with friends or other relatives. For additional information regarding transportation, please refer to School Board Policy 543.

The philosophy of Horizon East athletics emphasizes participation. All students who attend regularly and whose behavior is appropriate will play in athletic competitions. We do not, however, guarantee equal playing time to all individuals.

At the beginning of each season, organizational meetings are held. All meetings are announced on the daily announcements.

Practices for fall sports begin before the start of school. With this exception, Horizon East teams do not compete in the summer or during any school vacations.

The schedules for sports practices will vary. Practices for some sports are held at the Moorhead Sports Center, Moorhead High School, local parks, and local golf courses; these practices are scheduled when facilities are free and are announced at the beginning of each season.

No after-school activities will occur on the last school day before vacations.

Games are normally held on weekday afternoons; there will be occasional evening, Saturday, and school day contests. At the beginning of the season, each participating student receives a game schedule along with coaches’ names and phone numbers. If students are unable to attend practice or competition, they must validate the absence with their coach.

Students must advise their coaches of any illnesses or previous injuries that may impact participation.

Sanford Health provides a certified athletic trainer to our school. The athletic trainer is usually available Monday through Friday from 3:50 p.m. until all home activities are concluded. The trainer assists with conditioning and manages emergencies. Students and parent(s)/guardian(s) are invited to consult with our trainer about conditioning, exercise, diet, and sports injuries.

When students must miss school because of activity participation, they must have work made up before they leave. Students must be in school for at least one-half day on the day of a practice or activity in order to participate. If a student is serving a suspension (ISS/OSS) the day of an activity, he or she will not be allowed to participate that day. When activities are terminated due to poor weather, students are expected to be in attendance for the remainder of the school day.

All teams have coaches; coaches may be assisted by practicum students and other volunteers.

Occasionally, middle school students may, because of interest or ability, be invited to participate on high school athletic teams. The petitioning procedure in such cases is that the high school coach write a letter and confer with the high school activities director. If both are in agreement that high school competition is in the best interest of the student, the high school activities director then approaches the HMS activities director and principal. If everyone is still in agreement that the move would be a positive one, the coach will approach the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s). If the parent(s)/guardian(s) confirms the school’s decision, the student is then approached with the matter. The letter or petition is signed; then the HMS student becomes a member of the high school team. Students and/or parent(s)/guardian(s) may express an interest in the process to a coach. For information about lettering, please refer to School Board Policy 545.

Horizon East students practice and compete with high school athletes. High School Fee $75

Boys basketball practices are held in the middle school gyms and may be before or after school. After the initial practice time, games are scheduled one or two times per week. Tier 1

Horizon East students practice and compete with high school athletes. High School Fee $150

There is one Horizon East cross country team. Practices are held after school and last approximately one hour. Middle school students run 1.6 miles in meets, which are held throughout the season. Uniforms are provided by the school. Tier 1

There are two seventh- and two eighth-grade football teams. Practices are held daily at the middle school field. All teams practice for approximately one and one half hours. After the initial practice period, games are held once a week. Students purchase their own jerseys at approximately $18. Protective and safety equipment and game pants are school issue; students will be charged only if they have damaged equipment beyond usual wear and tear. Students must purchase and wear mouth guards. Tier 1

Girls basketball practices are held in the middle school gyms and may be before or after school. After the initial practice time, games are scheduled one or two times per week. Tier 1

Horizon East students practice and compete with high school athletes. High School Fee $150

Boys and girls golf competitors practice together but compete separately. Indoor practices may be held at the Moorhead Sports Center before or after school, and outdoor practices are after school at local golf courses. Transportation is provided to and from the middle school for both practices and meets. Students must have their own set of golf clubs to participate. No uniforms are required. Golf meets are held during the school day. Most meets are held in town; competitions in places such as Detroit Lakes are scheduled also. Meets are scheduled according to weather conditions. Tier 1

Horizon East students practice and compete with high school athletes. High School Fee $150

Girls tennis and boys tennis are offered to seventh and eighth graders. Indoor and outdoor practices will occur at Horizon East before and after school. Students provide their rackets; the school supplies tennis balls. No uniforms are required. Tier 1

Girls and boys track and field practices and meets are held on the same days and times. Practices are held on the Horizon track, weather permitting. Indoor practices may be called before and after school in the middle school gym. During competitions, athletes will compete against others of the same grade and gender. Outdoor meets are held after school, with the exception of an all-city, all-day meet that concludes the season. Ribbons are awarded to event winners of the all-city outdoor meet. Tier 1

Volleyball practices are held at Horizon East after school. After the initial practice period, games are scheduled once or twice a week. There are two teams within each volleyball team. Participants are ability-grouped; attendance and progress may cause students to move from one team to the other. Tier 1

Our weight room is open during each block. Weight room schedules will be announced each block. A weight room supervisor is on duty to assist with safety concerns and individual programs. No Fee

Horizon East has one wrestling team, which is composed of seventh and eighth graders. Wrestling practices are held at Horizon East. After the practice period, meets are scheduled. Wrestling uniforms are provided by the school. Students must purchase and wear mouth guards. Tier 1
For additional information refer to School Board Policies 540, 541, 542, 542.1, 543, and 545 on the school district website or in the school office.

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