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Student Transportation Eligibility Guidelines
Type: School Board Policy
Code: 720
Adopted Date: 10/31/1981
Revised Date(s): 06/11/2007, 08/23/2010, 12/15/2014, 06/25/2018, 07/13/2021
Reviewed Date(s): 04/25/1989, 01/14/1992, 05/11/1998, 01/27/2003, 10/10/2005, 06/11/2007, 08/23/2010, 12/15/2014, 01/16/2015, 06/25/2018, 06/15/2021


The purpose of this policy is to provide eligibility guidelines for transportation of Moorhead Area Public School students.
Moorhead Area Public Schools will provide regular school day transportation, to and from, to students who reside within the school district boundaries and meet the following criteria:

A. Kindergarten through grade 12 students, who reside one (1) mile or more from the building to which the school district assigns the student;

B. Students who must cross or use an area identified as being an extraordinary traffic hazard to and from school (refer to eligibility guidelines);



A. The following will be used as guidelines for reviewing and developing school bus transportation for the Moorhead Area Public Schools. (Refer to Administrative Procedure 720.1: Special Education Transportation and Administrative Procedure 720.2: Transportation Plan.)

Recommended maximum walking distances to bus stops:

Grade Level - Distance to Stop
     K - 4                .15 mile (1-2 blocks)
     5 - 8                 .3 mile (4-5 blocks)
     9 - 12               .5 mile (6-7 blocks)

These are recommended distances to bus stops and will not be possible in all areas of the school district.

B. Regular school day transportation services will be provided within the normal walk zone (one (1) mile walking distance) of a specific school if it is determined that a hazardous crossing or walking area exists. The following are determined to be hazardous crossing or walking areas:
1. Robert Asp Elementary School:
  • 1st Avenue North - This is a high volume traffic area and is a primary vehicle access to Minnesota Highway 10.
2. Park Christian School:
  • 1st Avenue North - Same rationale as for transportation to Robert Asp Elementary.
  • Highway 75 - This is a state highway which does not have appropriate sidewalks or crossing signals. 
3. Ellen Hopkins Elementary School:
  • 8th Street South - This state highway does have walk/do not walk signals; however, this is a very busy and hazardous crossing for students in K-4 grades.
  • 12th Avenue South from 8th Street South to 20th Street South.
4. S.G. Reinertsen Elementary School:
  • 8th Street South/Highway 75 South.
5. St. Joseph School:
  • 8th Street South.
  • Main Avenue South.
6. Horizon Middle School:
  • 34th Street (south of I-94 to Highway 10).

7. Moorhead High School:

  • Highway 75 North of Highway 10 - This highway has no sidewalks or pedestrian crossing areas.

8. Any areas as determined by the Superintendent or designee as hazardous where new development is occurring.

C. Hazardous Areas Near Schools - Student and/or adult crossings will be identified by the director of transportation in consultation with the building administrator.

D. Service to Private Roads - Buses being used to serve Moorhead Area Public School students will not be allowed to use private drives except for handicapped transportation vehicles whose students cannot walk to a regular bus stop and regular transportation vehicles with specific approval from the director of transportation.

E. Transportation to Alternate Addresses - Moorhead Area Public Schools will accept responsibility for one AM address and one PM address for a child. If a parent wishes to have a daycare site as the regular stop for their child, that stop must be the same every day. Any changes in bus stop will require a five (5) day written notice to the transportation office. The new address must be for a permanent change. Emergency address changes must be approved by the building administrator and will not be accepted by the transportation office or the bus driver.

F. Authorized Riders - Moorhead Area Public Schools' bus drivers will only accept passengers assigned to the route. Students who will be attending parties, non-school classes or meetings, etc. will not be accepted as passengers on school routes. Building administrators may provide temporary authorization to students for emergencies if space is available on the school bus.

Legal Reference:
Minn. Stat. 123B.88 (Independent School Districts; Transportation)

Cross References:
Moorhead School Board Policy 721: Student Transportation Safety
Moorhead School Board Policy 514: Students in Homeless Situations