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Community task force reviewing data to recommend high school facilities option

December 12, 2018

Several months into the collaborative decision-making process, the High School Facilities Task Force for Moorhead Area Public Schools is weighing options to address capacity and adequacy of high school facilities for the next 25 years.

In March 2018, the Moorhead School Board accepted the Designing Moorhead High School’s 21st Century Academic/Instructional Program Task Force Report, which includes the Portrait of a Graduate. One of the recommendations was to form a High School Facilities Task Force.

The facilities task force was formed in August 2018 with representatives of stakeholders in the district, including community members, high school students, School Board members, and district and school employees. The task force was charged with reviewing the 2015 Facilities Master Plan and 2018 Portrait of a Graduate to provide the School Board with recommendations concerning the district’s high school facilities.

The district’s K-8 enrollment has increased by more than 850 students over the past five years. Based on enrollment projections, capacity is needed to accommodate additional high school students. Work done last year by the Designing Moorhead High School’s 21st Century Academic/Instructional Program Task Force indicated lack of adequacy in the current facilities with a need for appropriate, flexible learning spaces for 21st century learning.

The task force is reviewing details for these options:

  • New building on a new site for 2,400 students,
  • Building replacement on existing site for 2,400 students, and
  • Two sites (building replacement on existing site and new building on new site) for 1,200 students each.

Additionally, the task force has begun discussion about a possible career and technical center, which could be a partnership with business and industry for workforce development and could be built in conjunction with another option.

Results from a community survey conducted in mid November provide insight into community members’ views and opinions on the various options and features that could be considered. The task force reviewed the community survey results Dec. 12 and is working to finalize a recommendation to present to the School Board in January or February 2019.

Following action by the School Board, a separate committee will be formed to work on conceptual design activities related to the facilities option. This will look at design drivers identified by the task force that support and enhance the Portrait of a Graduate, such as welcoming, engaging and secure spaces; flexible spaces with natural light and versatile furnishings; and spaces that support personalized, student-centered learning.

The School Board will take action on the date and scope of a bond referendum by the summer of 2019. Construction of a high school facility would take approximately two and a half to three years.

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