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  • Each day more than 5,500 students learn and thrive in Moorhead Area Public Schools. We are proud of your successes both inside and outside the classroom.
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  • From seeing how the district spends tax dollars to providing opportunities for lifelong learning, Moorhead Area Public Schools and the community are partners in education. We welcome your interest.
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Early Childhood Schools

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Education begins with early childhood

The goals of Moorhead's early childhood programs are to strengthen families and support parents in providing the best possible environment for the healthy growth and development of their children, ages birth to kindergarten entry. Parents are a child's first teachers, and our early childhood programs support children's optimal physical, intellectual, social and emotional development during the important early years of life by encouraging parents to be involved in their children's learning, development and education; helping parents develop informed expectations about raising children; and encouraging healthy relationships and communication between parents, children and the school.


Learning in Moorhead begins at birth with a wide range of popular Early Childhood Family Education classes and services for parents and children, birth to kindergarten entry.


In partnership with families and the community, Early Intervention Services provides special education services at no cost to children in the Moorhead Area Public Schools age birth to kindergarten entry.


With the highest four-star rating from Parent Aware, the district's School Readiness programs, including Jump Start Preschool and Keys to Kindergarten, offer school readiness activities to improve children's academic, social and emotional skills.

Complete the Community Census

Your Family Counts! BE COUNTED!

Have you recently moved into our district or had an addition to your family, including a birth or adoption? Stay informed of Early Childhood Family Education activities, other Community Education programs, Early Childhood Screening, School Readiness programs, and important school district information. Complete our community census for new babies/children. Call 218-284-3400 or complete the two-minute online census form.

Register for early childhood screening

In Minnesota, all children are required to complete an Early Childhood Screening before they enter kindergarten. Children should be registered for their free screening between their third and fourth birthdays. At the screening, early childhood specialists observe the children's vision, hearing, speech and development. Early screening will help identify any conditions that might hamper a child's learning and assists parents in taking steps to help the child. Call 218-284-3800 to schedule your child's screening appointment.

Early Childhood Timeline

  • Birth
  • 1yr
  • 2yr
  • 3yr
  • 4yr
  • 5yr
  • 6yr

Kindergarten Registration Checklist

  1. Schedule your child's free, mandatory Early Childhood Screening if he or she has not already had one.
  2. Review kindergarten options.
  3. Locate a copy of your child's birth certificate.
  4. Complete the Pre-Registration Form and gather additional information needed for registration.
  5. Register your kindergartner.
  6. Complete PowerSchool Registration.
  7. Update your child's immunizations.
  8. If your child has an IEP, the EIS case manager will ensure the IEP is discussed with kindergarten staff.
  9. Attend kindergarten open house at your child's elementary school.