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Robert Asp Elementary

Phone: 218-284-6300
Fax: 218-284-6333

Attendance Office: 218-284-6301
Counseling Office: 218-284-6312
Health Office: 218-284-6310
Media Center: 218-284-6334

School Hours: 7:55 a.m. to 2:40 p.m.

Chris Triggs, Principal
Chris Triggs,
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Erika Engelking, Assistant Principal
Erika Engelking,
Assistant Principal
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Welcome to Robert Asp Elementary School! Robert Asp Elementary students have high expectations with support from a strong staff that is committed to lifelong learning and improvement themselves. We believe in the power of written language and the development of students who are high-level thinkers and learners.

Students are the center of our school community and deserve to be recognized for their work and effort to be great role models in our community. We meet monthly with all of our students to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of our students. Robert Asp Elementary has a common language and approach for dealing with bullying and continues to empower those who work hard and are committed to learning. Robert Asp is located in north Moorhead, and has more than 750 students in grades K-4.

Our School History

Robert Asp Elementary School was built in 1957 as a junior high school and renovated into an elementary school in 2004. The school was named in honor of Robert Asp. In 1953 Robert Asp began working as a math and science teacher for Moorhead Area Public Schools. Eventually he became a school counselor. He continued to teach until his death from cancer in 1980. Asp is also known for building the replica Viking ship, Hjemkomst. Asp exemplified qualities of character such as creativity, determination and commitment.

It is the work of Robert Asp that is representative of what we embody in our school community with emphasis on continued commitment to becoming a great place for all students to learn.

Curriculum and Learning

At Robert Asp Elementary School, students will become writers with our emphasis on writing for a variety of purposes and learning how to become a strong writer. We use a balanced literacy approach in our building with differentiated literacy and math blocks of time to ensure students are able to work at their level of development. Our master schedule reflects our priorities in reading, math and writing, but integrate social studies and science through reading and writing. Read more about the elementary curriculum and the district's assessment plans.

Our primary grade teachers have gone through extensive training with Ohio State University Literacy Collaborative and have extended this knowledge of best practices for literacy into the classrooms. Teachers at all grade levels receive ongoing training in best practices for literacy instruction with onsite, embedded training from our instructional coaches. Students are offered many opportunities to read and write at their appropriate level of understanding because of the classroom structure for literacy.

For students who require additional support we have Title I reading support through guided reading and/or Leveled Literacy Intervention. The intermediate-level student needing additional reading support has a Read 180 intervention that is proven to be successful.

Students who exceed curriculum standards in the areas of reading and math can participate in our Discovery program for our gifted and talented students. They have differentiated opportunities to extend their thinking and challenge their ability to handle higher grade-level reading and writing.

SIOP, or Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol, is a research-proven approach to classroom instruction and lesson design that has been an initiative of the Moorhead Area Public Schools for the past three years. SIOP is a focus on solid and proven teaching methods that help all learners, especially those with language needs, process and learn more effectively. Teachers remain focused on three main components:

  • Lesson planning
  • Building background knowledge
  • Interaction and student engagement strategies

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

Positive Behavioral Support (PBS) is an empirically validated, function-based approach to eliminating challenging behaviors and replacing them with positive social skills. Robert Asp Elementary has adopted the PBIS approach to school-wide discipline and has a school climate leadership team trained to support this process in the school. We have been a PBIS school since 2012 and have made a significant impact on our school climate for learning.

Robert Asp's PBIS includes:

  • School-wide procedures and expectations are taught to all students and positively reinforced throughout the building;
  • All classrooms have a classroom management plan that includes positive behavior interventions and systems for class-wide reinforcement;
  • Blue slips are given to students and classrooms for exemplifying those behaviors we want all students to learn and practice;
  • Monthly student recognition (Spud Meetings) is given to those individuals who contribute to our school's goals; and
  • A school-wide plan is being developed for teaching common language and character education.