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School Board Evaluation
Type: School Board Policy
Section: 200 SCHOOL BOARD
Code: 204
Adopted Date: 6/28/1983
Revised Date(s): 01/24/2005, 06/09/2014, 08/14/2017
Reviewed Date(s): 05/12/1992, 06/09/1997, 04/23/2001, 01/24/2005, 06/09/2014, 08/14/2017, 10/08/2020
The purpose of this policy is to provide for a systematic School Board evaluation. 


The Moorhead School Board believes and has directed that every person employed by the Moorhead Area Public School District has systematic performance reviews and thus the School Board desires to model this belief by having a review of its own performance. The School Board believes that the personal and professional growth of its members and the individual and collective performance by board members of their role affects the quality of education in Moorhead and the daily operation of the school district.

The performance evaluation shall be performed in accordance with the following guidelines and may include feedback from the district stakeholders:

A. Board members should know the standards against which they will be evaluated. They will be involved in the development of the standards.

B. The evaluation instrument designed for the board will be completed by each board member and others as determined by the board and the results tabulated.

C. The evaluation should take place a minimum of once a year. Preference is for all board members to be present.