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Frequently Asked Questions

Who participates in Early Childhood Family Education?

Early Childhood Family Education classes are open to families from Moorhead, Dilworth, Fargo, West Fargo, and the surrounding area. Parents/caregivers and children participate together in fee-based classes. ECFE is committed to accessibility, so sliding fees and scholarships are available for school district residents.

Why are ECFE classes encouraged starting at birth?

Brain research confirms the first three years are an extremely critical period in a child's development. This is especially true in the areas of language, social skills and the roots of intelligence. An infant's daily interactions with parents and other caregivers actually determine the structure of some areas of the brain itself. Getting involved in ECFE can help parents be better equipped to deal with the challenges of caring for these rapidly developing infants and toddlers.

What is Early Childhood Screening?

In Minnesota, all children are required to complete an Early Childhood Screening before they enter kindergarten. Children should be registered for their free screening between their third and fourth birthdays. Early screening will help identify any conditions that might hamper a child's learning and will assist parents in taking steps to help the child. Call 218-284-3800 to schedule a screening appointment.

How do I enroll my child in the district?

K-6 students who move into the district during the school year or during the summer should enroll at the enrollment office at Operations Center. Grades 7-12 students who move into the district during the school year should contact the school to enroll. Grades 7-12 students who move into the district during the summer should contact the school to register during the summer new registration dates. Read More about enrollment.

Are our schools safe?

Yes. Our staff and school resource officers work together to create a safe learning environment. Safety procedures are practiced in our buildings throughout the year, and we have made improvements to our schools to increase safety.

What courses are available to students?

All of our students receive instruction in the core curriculum areas of literacy, mathematics, science and social studies. Elementary specialists provide instruction in art, music, physical education, media and technology. Horizon students take exploratory classes in art, world language (Spanish and Mandarin Chinese), health and theatre arts, and science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The district high school curriculum focuses on the core areas, with Advanced Placement options available, but also requires classes in art, physical education and health. High school students have many opportunities for electives. Read more about out curriculum.

What is Spanish Immersion?

The Spanish Immersion program offers children in grades K-6 an opportunity to learn to read, write and speak Spanish. The Spanish Immersion Program is located at Ellen Hopkins Elementary (grades K-4) and Horizon Middle School West Campus (grades 5-6). At both schools, students are immersed or completely engaged in a second language while learning all subject areas including reading, writing, mathematics, science and social studies. Using the identical elementary curriculum used by the other Moorhead elementary schools, SI teachers instruct in Spanish rather than English.

Do students have to live in Moorhead to enroll in the Spanish Immersion Program?

Spanish Immersion is available to students living in Moorhead. After all Moorhead students are enrolled, other Minnesota students may open enroll. Students living in North Dakota are only allowed to enroll after Minnesota students have been placed. Students living outside of Minnesota are charged tuition.

What are the prices for school meals? Where can I find that information?

The lunch and breakfast prices are included in the district calendar mailed to all families each August and in the student handbooks, which are posted on the website. For the 2018-19 school year, breakfast is free for all kindergarten students and $1 with milk for grades 1-12; lunch with milk for elementary is $2.30, and lunch for secondary is $2.40. Milk for milk break is $.40 and is available for grades K-4.

How does my child pay for school meals?

Your child will have an individual meal account. At each meal, students enter their student number, which deducts the cost of the meal from your child's account. Your child is notified when the account is running low or you may check PowerSchool to view your child's account balance.

Meal accounts are maintained in the school office. Students may prepay for any number of meals by putting money in the account before school. The online payment processing system, e~Funds, allows parents to pay for meals online. It is suggested that students have money in their accounts for at least a week's worth of meals and milk.

Some students qualify for free or reduced-price lunch and breakfast. Milk break is not a part of the free and reduced program. Every family is sent information about the free and reduced meal programs. The form should be completed electronically through PowerSchool Registration to ensure faster processing. All families are encouraged to complete the Application for Educational Benefits because funding for many of the district's educational programs is based on the number of our students who are eligible for and receive free or reduced-price meals.

Is student transportation provided?

School bus transportation is provided to students who live within their school's attendance area and who live one mile or more from their school. Transportation is not provided to Spanish Immersion students outside the Ellen Hopkins attendance area. School buses transport students to and from the bus stop nearest their home address. An alternate stop may be arranged for a second household or child care.

How do I request a high school transcript?

Transcript requests for Moorhead Area Public Schools students are through Parchment. Transcripts requested online are sent securely to students and/or the colleges, universities, or scholarship funds that students select. Current students receive their first five transcripts at no charge. After the fifth transcript, current students are charged $3 per transcript. Alumni students are charged $5 per transcript. Alumni status begins on August 1 of the student’s graduation year. Read More about requesting a transcript.