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Superintendent Remarks: District works to educate all students in supportive schools

February 10, 2017

Public education is at the heart of our communities. Our students, teachers and community members have been reflecting on the value of an education from Moorhead Area Public Schools. Over the last few weeks, community members have discussed the skills, attributes and knowledge we want for graduates of Moorhead High School. As I listen, I hear our community members talk about students who are caring, collaborative and critical thinkers. We want those skills for all students.

As we continue to collect data from our focus groups, we will be able to define the educational program for Moorhead Schools. Our students have talked about great teachers and opportunities currently at Moorhead High School. Our community members have identified strengths like school pride, diversity of students, and caring, supportive staff. They also reflected on our positive community atmosphere and acceptance of others. More input will be gathered through a survey for parents and community members next month. Please look for an announcement and website information in March.

Our engagement process reminds us that our schools are a reflection of our society. This community includes people of all nationalities, all races and all religions. We welcome all learners who come through our doors. Our calling is to educate each and every student to fulfill our mission of developing the maximum potential of every learner to thrive in a changing world.

We prioritize a safe, welcoming and respectful community. We will continue to emphasize community building in our schools and support for students and their families. We will help all students achieve so they become productive and successful citizens.

We will continue to strive for a safe learning environment that is free of bullying, harassment and bias in all forms. Policies are in place to protect staff and students. We expect all staff and students to follow these policies. Our schools and community must continue to work together to ensure this safe environment.

The strength in our school district comes from our diversity. We welcome and share ideas in thoughtful and respectful dialogue. All are welcome and celebrated every day. Again we need to remember that we are all part of this community and all should feel safe and respected. We have a strong school district — one that honors all students.

Dr. Lynne A. Kovash
Moorhead Area Public Schools

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